Alicia “Reese” Reisman, the songwriter behind Reese Collective and artist who has recently been making a name for herself amongst the Christian music scene. Although she is the writer and creative force behind the project, every track features a different singer.

Alicia is the daughter of worship leaders and a single mom to 3 wonderful daughters. She grew up in a small town called Fernandina Beach, FL. The first instrument she ever learned to play was the drums, followed by the piano. As she expanded her musical talents, she quickly realized her desire was to write songs that would inspire and speak to the hearts of the people. 

In the middle of the most difficult times in her life, including a miscarriage and divorce, she poured her heart into her songwriting. She invested all she had into her music and in November of 2019, She released her debut 8-song album, "The Journey". Her music has been heard in more than 42 countries and has been well received by her followers from all over the world.

Her dream is to change the world with music just like it changed her through seasons of struggle.